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30-Day of Silence Day 17

February 3rd, 2016

I went back into the chapel and was about to sit down to meditate when I noticed the back and slight profile of man, and he struck me as handsome. I said to myself, Simmer down, Donna. This is not the time or place for that.

30-Days of Silence Days 15-16

February 3rd, 2016

I had choir rehearsal today. That was interesting. Singing within the practice of Silence. I knew choir rehearsals were starting during this silence. I consider singing in the choir part of my life work…bringing about joy and healing.

30-Days of Silence Days 13-14

February 3rd, 2016

The weirdest thing happened today. I needed to give someone $35. To do that, I needed to get change for a $50. I walked to the corner of 7th and Montana, where there are several stores, restaurants, and a bank.

30-Days of Silence Day 12

January 28th, 2016

I’ve been struck with how kind everyone has been when they find out I can’t talk. I assume they think I’m damaged, have laryngitis, or that I was born this way. But every time I make the fingers across the throat sign while mouthing, I can’t talk,

30-Days of Silence Days 10-11

January 28th, 2016

It’s an interesting task to get silent on days when there’s so much going on! Going out into the world, then coming home. Then out into the world again, then coming home. It would be SO much simpler if I was in a cave!

30-Days of Silence Day 9

January 25th, 2016

30 Days of Silence Day 9: I’m thinking about the insightful quote of Abraham Lincoln’s, “I do not like that man. I must get to know him better.” When we fall out of love with our mate or a family member, or fall out of like with a friend or a colleague,

30-Days of Silence Days 6-8

January 25th, 2016

30-Days of Silence Days 6-8: That last few days have been full of quite a bit of contemplation, and a couple wonderful surprises. It appears that I’m not the only one who is sinking deeper into their life right now.

30-Days of Silence Day 5

January 22nd, 2016

30-Days of Silence Day 5: It appears that this first week of “mostly” 30-Days of Silence has been about easing into the silence while tying up loose ends of things I had committed to before I committed to this silence.

30-Days of Silence Days 3 and 4

January 20th, 2016

Days 3 and 4: The sequence that unfolded around receiving the impulse to go silent was meaningful as it was occurring. It feels important to write.

30-Days of Silence Days 1 and 2

January 18th, 2016

Days 1 and 2: These blog posts aren’t about fanfare. They’re about transparently sharing some of what I’m journaling while I’m navigating through 30-days of (mostly) silence.