January 28

30-Days of Silence Day 12

30-days of silence

I’ve been struck with how kind everyone has been when he or she finds out I can’t talk.  I assume they think I’m damaged, have laryngitis, or that I was born this way. Either way, every time I make the fingers across the throat sign while mouthing, I can’t talk, the recognition sets in, and then a kindness and even a softness.  It’s really sweet.  I like seeing that strangers do care — when they stop long enough to notice what’s going in someone else, and that the other person might be broken or need a little more from them.

<– It’s the same for those whom I show my iPhone that has offers this explanation.  Although with this, the kindness often comes with a smirk of recognition.


I’ve noticed my mind slowing down.  Several times I have become aware of an absence of thought.  Then of course with the noticing, comes thought.  But then, I seem to be able to clear my mind again, just by listening, seeing, and stopping long enough to feel being.  There is peace in the absence of words, both thought and expressed…in the quiet. In the quiet I hear something else — a subtle buzz, that’s but not quite a buzz, a ring, that’s not quite that either…


Then after a suitable amount of quiet…this kind of thing drops into my brain and makes me laugh!

Most people have a spiritual teacher or guru.  Just plug yours in here.

How (your teacher) is like the phone app WAZE:
•    He’s always there when you (the driver) need direction.
•    He shows you the fastest route to get to your ultimate destination.
•    His route may take you where you wouldn’t have gone on your own.  Get used to it!
•    Every time you veer off course, he gives you an alternate route.
•    The alternate route may make no sense, but given that you went off course, what do you expect?
•    He will always get you there exactly when expected…according to his timing.