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Sample Questions

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If you’ve found this page, you’re likely wanting to familiarize yourself with Donna’s mystic personal readings. You can do this the following ways:

  • Peruse the audio samples of questions and answers below, all of which were taken from various Personal and Group readings (used with the express permission of the original questioner). 
  • If you’d like to watch video samples of questions and answers, plus other videos about Donna’s work, go to her YouTube channel.
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Introduction from Donna:

Group Reading Opening:

Personal Question #1:

A therapist asks: “Can you tell me if and how my profession fits into this new [political] regime? Given that I work mostly with spiritually oriented people who are interested in the connection between the human consciousness and higher consciousness, is it going to be more difficult now for me to go forward in my practice?”


Personal Question #2:

A wife, mother, professional asks: “I’ve been on a path of awakening and expansion lately. I feel this in most areas of my life, except for my relationship with my husband. We’ve been married for many years, and have teenage children, a home together, and I love him. And yet I don’t feel a sexual spark with him, and the joy and flow that come from it. I’m now realizing how important this spark is to me. I’m in a state of deep prayer about what to do. My husband is a wonderful father and a very good friend to me. But I want more than that, and I don’t think it’s possible with him. We have a lot of love between us, and I don’t want to do anything that would be damaging to my children or to him. Do you have any guidance?”

Personal Question #3:

A woman in career transition asks: “I’ve been expecting for several months that I would be getting back in the flow of my life, so to speak, on most levels; but it doesn’t feel that that’s happening. Intellectually I can say that all is OK, and this is just part of my path. But I don’t trust that comment, and find myself feeling increasingly alone, concerned, scared, and closing down. So your comments, please?”

Personal Question #4:

An entrepreneur asks: “Can you speak to me, and others like me, who are looking to discover their life purpose, or how to create a life that has deeper meaning while incorporating one’s unique strengths?”

Group Reading Closing:


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Important Notes:

  • The content of each reading is directed to the questioner and is not necessarily applicable to others.
  • The views expressed by the Guiding Souls do not necessarily reflect hers.  
  • Although Donna’s work is deep and at times cathartic, it is not psychotherapy and is not a replacement for medical or other professional help.