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About Donna

Donna M Thomas



About Donna

Donna Thomas has dedicated her adult life to uncovering for herself, and then offering to others, insights on how to create deeply fulfilling life.

She began her life journey with a somewhat challenging childhood.  Her own healing processes ultimately lead her to the realization that she had dominion over her choices, her experiences, and the life she was living.

In college she explored both psychology and philosophy as a means of understanding the human condition.  She has furthered this inquiry over the last 40+ years by attending myriad personal development courses, exploring traditional and non-traditional methods of therapy, delving into various religious and spiritual practices, and spending time with shamans and spiritual teachers learning their healing and practices.

Through her 25+ years of working with people to enlighten their lives, Donna continues her work through her passions as a writer, speakercoach and her work doing mystic personal readings.

Donna’s specific areas of expertise are:

    • Fulfillment in career, love, sex, sexuality, and relationships
    • Compassion, Empathy, and Self-love
    • Reframing challenge and trauma to empower oneself
    • Emotional and spiritual deepening
    • Personal and relational Intimacy
    • Revealing, understanding, and healing fear
    • Tantra, intimacy, conscious passion and loving
    • Finding inner-peace beyond stress and emotional pain
    • Personal empowerment
    • Guiding those on the path of Personal Mastery
    • Working with meridians within body to clear energy and improve flow
    • How to live a life that is both deeply fulfilling and absolutely invigorating!

In her memoir, From Pebbles to Pathways: A Journey Of Healing the Heart, One Insight at a Time, Donna shares:

“I started out with a life easier than many, and a tougher than some. I was a child of an alcoholic mother and a roaming father; my parents divorced; I was taken away from my mother; was left alone for days and weeks at a time; was sent to an orphanage; was petrified of the dark; dishonored sexually, etc. etc..”

What do you do when your life circumstances are less pleasurable and supportive than you deserve? In fact, what if they are downright unfair and painful?

  • Do you submit to a life of suffering?Donna M Thomas Going for it
  • Do you get angry, fight back and fight the world?
  • Do you turn to apathy or create habitual states of numbness?
  • Do you implode on yourself and become emotionally of physically sick?


  • Do you devote yourself to embracing the ways, tools, teachers, and support to find
    healing, peace, and perhaps even a new reality of connectivity and emotional freedom?

Donna’s work stems from such a place, offering “a depth, power and potency that is rare”.  With this, her clients experience more effective and long-term results.

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Donna loves her life as a Mother, Wife, Sister, Friend, Spiritual Guide, Coach, Speaker, Author, Knitter, Baker and Hiker.