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From Pebbles to Pathways

From Pebbles to Pathways

From Pebbles to Pathways:

A Journey of Healing the Heart One Insight at a Time

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At 359 pages, From Pebbles to Pathways reads like a spellbinding novel, while at the same time contains the spiritual and emotional insight, similar to works from Marianne Williamson, Ekhardt Tolle, Louise Hay or Wayne Dyer.

From Pebble to Pathways begins as a journey of loss and challenge, yet in the telling becomes an inspiring tale of insight and growth, ultimately illuminated by profound spiritual connection and understanding.  

Donna Thomas was the child of an alcoholic mother and roaming father who divorced when she was eight.  While her brothers and she were awarded to her father, they were often left alone days or weeks at a time.  With her father’s absence, Donna unwittingly found herself prey to bullies in school and neighborhood boys.

Despite growing up in a family ill-suited to the demands of nurturing and protecting her, Donna rejected submitting to a life of suffering, refusing to get angry, turn to apathy, or become self-destructive. Instead she devoted herself to seeking the tools and teachers to find awareness, peace, and empowerment.

Embarking on numerous intriguing adventures–experiences often steeped in mystical significance that offered her a deeper understanding of herself and her connection to all living things–Donna evolved to a place where her early personal turmoil no longer defined her. 

Holding nothing back, From Pebbles To Pathways, is bracingly honest and deeply reflective, a powerful memoir that exemplifies the quest to find inner peace—no matter the pain of the past—while imparting that healing, hope, and wisdom exist abundantly for each of us.

“All teachers must first be pupils… What is striking about the book is not just the clarity the author brings to her own healing, but her talent in discerning the lessons all of us should be learning.”

–Nick Madigan, former correspondent for The New York Times and The Washington Post

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