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What to Expect in Readings

Donna M Thomas Gathering


Hello again! 

Donna here.

So that you can know what to expect when in a Personal Reading or at a (group) Gathering, I’ve written the following answers to common questions.

My hope is that this information will help you be able to relax and keep your attention on yourself and your inquiry.

First, as the energies enter my body, my breath hitches, sometimes a bit dramatically. I assure you that nothing is uncomfortable about this process. In fact, it feels absolutely wonderful, as if I’m being held by Love itself. 

Next, as the words come through me, it feels like there is a sort of translation process that occurs within. Every now and then, a word that comes through isn’t what was intended, or, there is a word that wants to come through that isn’t. When this occurs, the Guides will take a moment and gently wait until wants to come through is received by my vessel. Then the words start flowing agin.

  • “Will my session/question be recorded?”Donna M Thomas Channel
    Your questions and answers will be recorded as an MP4 file. After your Personal Reading or the Gathering, your recording will be uploaded to DropBox. Then a download link will be emailed to you. If you don’t receive your email within a day or two, please let me know. Please make sure I have a current email address for you.


  • “When the energy comes into your body, it feels like it comes into me too.  Is that right?”
    When the energies come in, it is often the case that whoever is asking the question, and even others in the room, will feel something.  Here is some of what people have reported: heat, tingling, vibration, energy jolts, thick energy, sleepiness (heavy eyes), yawning, burping, joy/happiness, teary, touched, or not much at all. All are perfectly acceptable.


  • “Why does your voice sometimes change with different questions?”
    As mentioned in the Mystic Personal Readings page, that which answers the questions through me is what I perceive as wisdom from a collective of Guiding Souls (as in more than one). As a result, the voice you hear can sometimes vary from question to question.


  • “How do the words come to you?”
    This is very hard one to put into words. As I open my mind and body to the process, I set my own thinking aside, very much like I do when meditating. With this choice, I (the consciousness of Donna) surrenders to commune with the vastness of all that is – everything and no-thing. Then concentrated forces of energy (for lack of a better word) enter my body and mind, and I become part of it, or more accurately, I realize I am already part of it. Once this process is complete, the part of my consciousness that’s still present, let’s call this Awareness, perceives a light pressure where the throat would be if I could feel the rest of my body. Shortly after this, my mouth receives the first couple of words. Then the words begin to flow. The little bit of “I” that stays present doesn’t necessarily know what word is coming next, but it is witnessing, feeling, and sometimes seeing impressions as they come through.


  • “Do you remember what was said in readings?”
    When I come out of the session, I will sometimes remember snippets or impressions of what was said for a short time. But like a dream, what I remember after the reading usually fades quickly.


  • “What is happening at the end of a reading?”
    The Guides usually pour a whole lotta Love into me and whoever is present. It takes a few/several minutes for my brain to reengage and be able to move my body.  I recommend just basking in the Love, because people often feel the energies most intensely during this time.


  • “What if I don’t get an answer I wanted?”
    This happens from time to time. The first thing I usually say is re-read your question. Sometimes people think they asked the question they wanted the answer to, but didn’t. One of the dynamics I work with most in my coaching practice is helping people to recognize what they need and want, and then guiding them in being clear about asking for it. So, be sure your question is clear. Next, sometimes the question asked is not what the person needs to know.  For instance, one woman asked, “When will I meet my ‘guy in the sky’?” The answer that came through was what she needed to reconcile before “he” could enter into her life. So listen to your question and answer again, and see if you did in fact get the answer to your question and/or you got what you needed to hear. You might also revisit the Forming Your Questions page.

If you have any questions, go ahead and send me a message by pressing the “Contact” link (in the menu bar above).

I look forward to seeing you soon!