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Mystic Personal Readings

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Donna M. Thomas

Mystic Personal Readings 

A brief history:

From Donna:

I love the definition of Mysticism: belief that union with or absorption into the absolute, or the spiritual apprehension of knowledge inaccessible to the intellect, may be attained through contemplation and self-surrender.

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter One of my book, From Pebbles to Pathways: My early journey into self-surrender and mysticism –

     “As a young child, in my naturally joyous state, I experienced regular moments of what I would now understand as expanded consciousness and interconnectedness. During these times of heightened awareness, usually in my bed, just before sleep or after waking, I felt myself release into a state of utter union with my body, the world around me, and another dimension of consciousness that I could not name, but saw and felt clearly. 

     “As I began to release into this state of awareness, I would see my body expand and think, I look like a balloon. Wow, look at my toes. I wonder how much bigger I’m going to get. Then I would watch objects and what seemed like different forms of consciousness float around and through me. My body continued to expand until it filled the room. Then I disappeared and became at one with everything. There seemed to be no separation with all that was around me. I simply became the witness. My sense was that this state of being was just another aspect of my innate nature, and I felt an unspoken invitation to simply stay there as long as I wanted. 

     “I would feel butterflies in my stomach each time one of these periods began. I sensed that something immense and vital was about to happen to me, even though there was nothing actually happening to me. It was more like stepping into another aspect of my beingness that was every bit as real as my earthly experience, but at the same time more essential. 

     “I was fortunate enough to have these experiences regularly until I was, I believe, seven or so years old, at which time I felt my more earthly self begin to take over. I never questioned why they stopped; it simply felt like the natural course of things.

     “These experiences shaped my primary awareness and fundamental understanding that at my essence, I am at one with a world that is utterly loving and interconnected. These moments of connection allowed me to have a very different, and more personal, experience of spirituality than what I was taught in early life. Such is how I began the first steps of my spiritual walk.”

Entering adulthood I explored many religious, spiritual, and mystical practices. One of my most profound influences was working over 30 years with the late, Ron Scolastico, Ph.D and The Guides.  Through my years of work with him, I first witnessed, then eventually attained myself, experiences of deep union — what some would call direct connection. Through meditative focus and surrender, I am able to consciously attune to the intrinsically connected and expanded state I discovered as a young child.  

About the readings:

A message from Donna: “My commitment to the readings (and all my work) is to bring forth wisdom that transcends personality, ego, and opinion so people can more easily access an expanded perspective about their personal, spiritual, and earthly concerns. I find that this expanded perspective can change everything! It’s my sincere hope that this work helps to enhance your life in ways that are most meaningful to you!”

Donna conducts readings while in a meditative state.  When her own mind and thoughts are set aside, something more vast, insightful, and intelligent is available to her, and with this, a deeply benevolent and loving energy. 

She calls the immense wisdom and love that animates these readings the Guiding Souls, or in short, the Guides.. 

Donna has been working this with this source of wisdom over the past 30 years. Initially they came to her through meditation, personal writings, and her bodywork with people. In time, it became apparent to her that this guidance wanted to be spoken, so she began to do readings for clients and friends; and the work grew from there.  

What the readings are:

They give deeper insight into:

  • How/why we are the way we are, and the way we think
  • What’s going on in a situation or with a person
  • What’s stopping us from being where we want to be and getting what we want
  • How we can get what we want and/or where we want to be
  • Clarity around various options/possibilities/issues
  • Past and current relationships

While the primary objective of the readings is to provide perspective and guidance, a secondary benefit of the readings is the profound Love and feeling of Direct Connection that many feel while in a reading. To some, this feels quite comforting and healing.

If you’d like to get a clearer idea of what a reading is like, click HERE for videos on my YouTube channel. 

Note: These readings are oriented towards the existence of reincarnation, and so past connections may be mentioned in an answer to more deeply explain a situation. 

Is Donna a Medical Intuitive?

  • As defined by Wikipedia, a medical intuitive is an alternative medicine practitioner who claims to use their self-described intuitive abilities to find the cause of a physical or emotional condition. Other terms for such a person include medical clairvoyant or medical psychic.

    Donna does not consider herself a Medical Intuitive or a healer*. This said, the Guiding Souls are very clear about deeper ways of caring for oneself to aid the healing process. In addition, there are many who report feeling a strong loving/healing presence while in their readings. 

    There are many factors that can affect one’s healing process. If you have inquiries about your health, Donna suggests how to approach medical questions in the Forming Your Questions page. 

Is Donna a Medium?

  • A Medium is someone who specializes in talking with the spirits of the deceased, while Donna focuses on accessing wisdom and guidance from a more broad spectrum of the spiritual forces that commune with us.

    Numerous clients have inquired in their readings about ones who have passed. Of course the questions vary, but it’s not uncommon for someone to inquire about: how the deceased individual is doing, how to resolve “unfinished business”, and how to move through grief and more deeply feel the connection and love now. Donna hears from clients that the answers received during readings give them insight, as well as great comfort.

Is Donna a Psychic, and what about predicting the future?

  • Questions starting with, “Will (or when will)…” are asking, “What’s going to happen?” — Because there is something called human choice, Donna wonders if anything in our earthly future can be truly absolute.  

    Setting her personal beliefs aside, here is the answer she received when asking the Guiding Souls a question on this subject:

    We see that with your question comes other questions which are these: “Is there such a thing as predictability?  Is there such a thing as predicting the future?  Is there such a thing as the Akashic Records where all time is present and accounted for?”  Our answer is this, we can see all from past times [including accumulated karma] as well as what occurs through all time. With this, you [all humans] have the ability to choose freely so as to create the future you desire.  These realities you create, so to speak, collide on a continual basis, affecting each other, creating new realities, new situations and new opportunities for change.  

    There is a predictability, given your past and current choices.  As one could imagine though, there are many wheels in motion that come into play with regard to predicting what will occur. We would say this, we see all.  In this, we see all that is possible.  We also see what is probable.  We see of what you are capable.  We see what you will likely choose, and most likely what you will not choose.  

    There are events that occur in which we are not involved. In these cases it is more difficult for us to predict how the future will unfold.  Then there are events we see that are likely to occur without obstacle.  What you must see is that all choices humans make affect all future choices. There are never-ending scenarios within this magnificent mechanism that is constantly in motion.  And what comes into your life is always affected by others and what choices they are making. So, when we say we see something is likely to take place, it is that with what has transpired in past times is combined with the current energies of all concerned, we can see what is most likely to occur. 

    There are times when a choice is made that is not in alignment with what would have been in alignment with the past and present.  Humans at times surprise us with some of what is chosen.  For instance, some of you have great potential.  You have lived many lifetimes and have paved the way for greatness, then situations occur in your life based on choices you and others make which undermine what was intended to occur, which prompt you to make a choice to not go in the direction you might have gone if things had gone, or you had chosen, differently.  

    You see, the choices are always up to you, which is why we (in most cases) do not interfere.  We can simply tell you what is likely to occur, what you have promised yourself in coming into this lifetime, deeper insight into what is currently occurring, opportunities you may not yet see or have welcomed, etc.  It is always up to you what you bring into your life.    

    So again, when we say something is likely to occur, it is based on the result of what has occurred and is occurring, and from there, what is projected at this moment.

    The larger view is that as you learn to trust the powerful force that sustains all life, to walk through fear, to honor your desire, and to take committed action and live in the flow, then we can see more likely what will occur. That is assuming all those with whom you are associated are also living in alignment with the flow…

    All this said, we assure you that you will see, more often than not, what we predict will come into being, with perhaps some fluctuations in timing.  

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* Important Note: Although Donna’s work is deep and often cathartic, it is not psychotherapy or a replacement for medical care.