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Forming Your Questions

Hello there, Donna here.  

I’ve been on both the asking and receiving end of questions for over 40 years. Here are several tips I’ve learned on how to get an answer to the real question you have.  

What these readings are: 

Before contemplating your questions, please be sure to read through the page, Mystic Personal Readings. 

How many questions should I prepare?

  • If you are having a 60-minute session, you can expect the Reading portion to last 45-50 minutes. Typically, anywhere from six to eight questions will be answered in a 60-minute session, depending on the depth of the question/answer.
  • The Reading portion of your 30-minute session will last 20-25 minutes. Typically two to three questions will be answered in a 30-minute session, again, depending.
  • I recommend that you prepare a few back up questions in the event you get through your questions more quickly.

If you are attending a Gathering, you will have the opportunity to ask one question.

How to frame/form your question(s):

Generally speaking, the more well-thought-out and detailed the question is, the more detailed the answer. I cannot stress enough that the consciousness you bring to your question has a direct affect on the depth of answer you will receive.

Give focused thought to what information you think will help you gain further understanding and insight into what’s going on, then read the following in preparing your question:

1) *Write* your question(s) down.  

When the energies of the Guides come through me, the client’s thinking sometimes get a little hazy. Rather than relying on memory, it is best to have your questions prepared and written down before your Reading.

2) Give a *brief, clear* background.

Frame your question so that it’s straightforward in terms of what’s happening and where you are with regard to the issue. 

  • For instance, saying, “Tell me about my relationship about Jane” is vague. So, you would likely receive a broad answer.

– An example of a more straightforward question with background might be: “Jane and I have been in an on-again/off-again relationship for 5 years. She waffles back and forth about what she wants in terms of commitment.  This is very hard on me. I’m starting to feel that maybe I should move on and stop waiting.” Then ask what you want to know, such as: “Can you give me deeper insight into what’s going on in our relationship?

  •  Another example of a vague question, “Are my health issues serious?”

– A more straightforward question might be: “I have been told I have… (what’s been diagnosed). In addition to the medication that’s been prescribed, can you tell me what else I can do emotionally, mentally or physically to help with my healing process?

– OR, “My doctor thinks I’ve got (what’s been diagnosed). From a spiritual perspective, can you give me insight into why this is occurring, and what there is for me to learn from it?

3)  Ask *specifically* what you want to know.

Below is an example of a general question and a few more specific questions.  One is not better than the other.  But if one wishes for specificity in the answer, the question wants to be equally specific.  Again, think in terms of what in particular you wish to have insight into.

  • General:

– “Should I do (A or B)?”

  • Examples of more specific questions:

– (Give some history, then) “If I do (A), what might the outcome look like?

– (Give some history, then) “I feel (B) is the right choice.  Why do I feel so afraid to do it?” 

– Or, (Give some history, then) “What are some of the benefits and/or challenges I might experience if I choose (A)?

4)  Ask *one* question at a time.

In an effort to get as much information as possible, sometimes people ask multi-layered questions. I have found that the more one asks in a single question, the more general answer one often gets. 

  • Example of a multiple-layered question:

– “What would be the benefits if I did (A) over (B), and how do you think I should go about it?  And what has stopped me from being able to see which is the best choice?”

  • Example of a single question:

– “I see benefits in both (A) and (B) (Offer examples of some of the benefits you see.) What other benefits or possible challenges do you see?”

5)  *Prioritize* your questions.

So that you can get your most pressing questions answered first, I recommend listing them in order of importance.  

6)  About medical questions.

The Guides are sometimes asked, “What will be the outcome of my condition?” “What medications will work?” “What dosages should I take?” “Can you heal my illness?” These questions take the power and process out of your hands, as do questions like “How long will I be sick?” There are many factors that can affect one’s healing process such as: the physician(s) you’ve chosen, how the medications prescribed are interacting with your body, how well you’re following your doctor’s advice, your personal habits (eating, sleeping, exercising, etc..), and your psychological (mental/emotional) state.

As far as questions go, here is how I recommend one approachs medical questions. Think in terms of asking questions that empower you to be a co-creator in your healing process, such as:

*  What is this condition (describe in detail) teaching me?
*  What does my soul want me to know about this condition?
*  What has brought about this condition?
*  In addition to the work with my physician, what can I do personally to aid/speed up my healing process?
*  How is the protocol I’ve chosen currently working?
*  Is there anything else you can recommend beyond what I am doing to help my healing process?
*  Can you help me heal the fear that I feel with regard to this condition? 

Misc. Notes:

    • Remember to be detailed in your questions. Generally speaking, the more specific you offer, the more specific your answers will be.
    • About asking intimate details about another: Be mindful that due to people’s privacy, the amount of personal details in answers about those not present may be limited. 

In case you didn’t read this from my Mystic Personal Readings page, here is the answer I received when asking the Guiding Souls a question about making predictions:

We see that with your question comes other questions which are these: “Is there such a thing as predictability?  Is there such a thing as predicting the future?  Is there  such a thing as the Akashic Records where all time is present and accounted for?”  Our answer is this, we can see all from past times [including accumulated karma] as well as what occurs through all time. With this, you [all humans] have the ability to choose freely so as to create the future you desire.  These realities you create, so to speak, collide on a continual basis, affecting each other, creating new realities, new situations and new opportunities for change.  

There is a predictability, given your past and current choices.  As one could imagine though, there are many wheels in motion that come into play with regard to predicting what will occur. We would say this, we see all.  In this, we see all that is possible.  We see what is probable.  We see of what you are capable.  We see what you will likely choose, and most likely what you will not choose.  

There are events that occur in which we are not involved. In these cases it is more difficult for us to predict how the future will unfold.  Then there are events we see that are likely to occur without obstacle.  What you must see is that all choices humans make affect all future choices. There are never-ending scenarios within this magnificent mechanism that is constantly in motion.  So, when we say we see something is likely to take place, it is that with what has transpired in past times is combined with the current energies, we can see what is most likely to occur.  

There are times when a choice is made that is not in alignment with what would have been in alignment with the past and present.  You humans at times allow us to be surprised with some of what you choose.  For instance, some of you have great potential.  You have lived many lifetimes and have paved the way for greatness, then situations occur in your life based on choices you and others make which undermine what was intended to occur, which prompt you to make a choice to not go in the direction you might have gone if things had gone, or you had chosen, differently.  

You see, the choices are always up to you, which is why we (in most cases) do not interfere.  We can simply tell you what is likely to occur,  what you have promised yourself in coming into this lifetime, deeper insight into what is currently occurring, opportunities you may not yet see or have welcomed, etc.  It is always up to you what you bring into your life.  And what comes into your life is always affected by others and what choices they are making.  

So again, when we say something is likely to occur, it is based on the result of what has occurred and is occurring, and from there, what is projected at this moment.

The larger view is that as you learn to trust God and The Universe, to walk through fear, to honor your desire, and to take committed action and live in the flow, then we can see more likely what will occur. That is assuming all those with whom you are associated are also living in alignment with the flow…

All this said, we assure you that as you [Donna] move more firmly into this process, you will see that more often than not, what we predict will come into being, with perhaps some fluctuations in timing.  

Okay, that about does it.

Have fun deciding on and  forming your questions!

If you have any questions, go ahead and send me a message by pressing the “Contact” link (in the menu bar above).

All good to you,


Important Note: Although Donna’s work is deep and often cathartic, it is not psychotherapy or a replacement for medical care.