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Donna M Thomas is an Author, Coach, Emotional Freedom Specialist, and Personal Empowerment Expert.

She synthesizes her abilities as an intuitive with her 35+ years of training in personal development. For over 20 years, she has worked with women and men alike.

Donna guides you to:

1) Reveal the tricky and often undetected fears and disempowering beliefs that keep you blocked, and stuck.  Then she’ll assist you in releasing them permanently!

2) Discover which of your fundamental needs are partially, if not completely, unmet.  These unmet needs keep you in needing, hoping, regret, judgement, bitterness, etc. rather than creating and productivity.  After these needs are illuminated, Donna will guide to get them met so that you can actually create what you want!

3) Get clear about, focused on, and taking action towards your ideal life!


Donna’s work shifts your ‘Trim Tab’ (the tiny, trailing part of the ship’s rudder, which when a low amount of pressure is applied, changes the direction of the entire ship), and offers new understandings, shifts in perspective, and effective practices. With these, you’ll begin to move in a happier and more fulfilling direction.


Coaching Sessions

Donna’s sessions are available in
15-minute, 30-minute, 60-minute, and 90-minute increments.
Recordings are available upon request.

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Specific Areas of Expertise

Getting Clear and Committed – People don’t pursue their dreams and ideal life most often because:

  1. they’ve adopted the belief that their dreams aren’t worth pursuing
  2. they aren’t clear about what they want,
  3. they don’t believe in their abilities to fulfill them,
  4. they don’t feel worthy of their dreams,
  5. the fear of failure…or the fear of success. 

Donna’s work gets at the core of these issues, and then empowers you to go for what you really want.

Revealing and Releasing Fear* is at the heart of Donna’s work

(* Fear – conjured emotional fear, as opposed to the necessary fear response that prevents harm)

Fear is at the core of all unrest and long-term emotional suffering, and is the most powerful, misinterpreted, underestimated, and detrimental emotion. 

Donna struggled with emotional fear until the age of 30, when she experienced a sort of spiritual intervention. Her subsequent years of study of the cause and effects of fear led her to create the Emotional Freedom Process™, by which you can begin to reveal its hold on you. The removal of emotional fear will help free you to: express and experience more love, pursue your dreams with more commitment, and to create deeper fulfillment in life.

Intimacy and Bonding – Donna believes that your ability to be emotionally intimate – knowing, accepting, and revealing your deepest nature – is primary for healing and for connecting with another.  Her sessions set the stage for this, as well as establish and strengthen your connection to your core and essential self.

Getting Foundational Needs Met – Unmet needs create a disempowering loop in your head and sabotage your ability to create what you desire!  Donna’s process of accessing which needs have and have not been met is both illuminating and powerful in its ability to free you from your past and create your ideal future.

Empowered Communication – Verbal practices are incorporated to exemplify true, deep and empowered communication. This enhances your ability to feel more empowered out in the world.

☯  Conscious Relationships and Loving – Donna’s years of work in Tantra and sexual healing aids women in honoring themselves in a way that creates a feeling of personal and emotional safety.  This confidence ultimately invites deeper connection and better sexual relations with one’s partner.


Overall Results


Here is what you can expect to come away with from your sessions with Donna.

You’ll gain:

  • Insight to identify what has stopped you thus far from creating what you want
  • Tools to recognize, reveal, understand and release fear
  • Increased emotional intelligence (the ability to perceive, evaluate, manage, and communicate about emotions)
  • Understanding the importance in transparency, and the confidence to achieve it
  • Courage in intimacy and in love
  • Increased spiritual and emotional depth
  • Clarity on your vision of your ideal life
  • Greater commitment to what you’re most passionate about!

Working with Donna causes internal as well as external changes—sometimes subtle, at times large and sweeping. 

When you learn from your insights, eliminate what doesn’t work, and practice what you learn, you’ll experience a massive increase in the natural flow of joy, fulfillment and well-being in you life!

For testimonials from those who have already experienced Donna’s powerful work, click HERE.


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Important Note: Although Donna’s work is deep and often cathartic, it is not psychotherapy and is not a replacement for medical or other professional help.