January 29 – 30

30-Days of Silence, Days 13 -14

Day 13

When I was exercising today I sensed something that did last week as well.  There’s the regular momentum that comes from me pumping my legs.  Today there was this flow of energy that seemed to be acting along with or augmenting what my body was manufacturing, but it was separate.

This is difficult to articulate.  There was this flow of energy, like a wave, that was flowing, or rather slowly pulsated, through me.  Every time it flowed forward, I could feel my physical momentum strengthen and I could feel myself being gently pushed forward.  Then the flow would begin to subside a bit and another flow/slow pulse would come forward again, along with being pushed forward.

On one hand, I’m curious about what this was.  And on another hand, I don’t need to know.  But it’s cool to feel.

Day 14

Why do things sometimes happen like they do?

The weirdest thing happened today.  I needed to give someone $35. To do that, I needed to get change for a $50.  I walked to the corner of 7th and Montana, where there are several stores, restaurants, and a bank.  I first walked into the pharmacy and asked for change.  They didn’t have any.  Then I walked across the street to Primo Passo, a coffee place, and their line was too long.  So I walked a little further down the sidewalk our local deli, and waited for a few minutes.  But no one asked to help me because they were all too busy.  So then I walked outside and crossed the street again to the salad place I go to. They said the manager had just gone to the bank to get some change.  (I laughed at this point.) So, I went next door to Starbucks, waited in line, and they only had a some $5 bills.  At this point I figured I should go to the first place I should have gone to…the bank.  I crossed the street again (I’ve now hit all four corners) to Chase Bank. I waited in line, and, get this, because I don’t have account with them, they wouldn’t give me change!  (Yes, you read that right.)  At this point, I was not happy.  I thought, Maybe I should just give her the $50 and call it a day!  I decided to try the deli one more time, and passed by Primo Passo. Their line was still too long.  I walked in to the deli.  I saw one of the store owners helping a customer.  I asked her nicely if I could get change.  She was very kind and said she would as soon as she rang up a patron’s food order. “Of course”, I replied.  She was busy, and I felt a bit apologetic. I explained while she was bagging up his food that I had tried the bank, but they wouldn’t give me change.  We all laughed at the irony.

I tried to finding meaning in this, and started to come up with all sorts of beautiful…crap I could garner from the experience. But I stopped myself.

I think this little experience was simply a perfect example of how the mind works.

“I want what I want when I want it.”  And I’ll walk in circles if I have to, to get it…