30-Days of (mostly) Silence and My Invitation to You

In the MIddle of NowhereWHAT: From Sunday, January 17 through February 16 (that’s right, through Valentine’s Day!), I will be embarking on a time of personal, emotional, spiritual, psychological, and physical contemplation. To do this, I will be going silent…for most part.

WHY: We all talk too much. Ah, well, I’ll speak for myself. I talk too much! Seriously though, on my path and in my line of work, a fair amount of introspection and contemplation is necessary.  So is consciously connecting to the forces that govern and animate all of life.  Those of you who are on a similar path, and/or have read my book know what I mean. In answer to an ardent personal question I asked my (inner source of) guidance, it recommended I enter into silent contemplation…for 30-days. I recalled a weeklong silent retreat I took part in last year that was quite powerful. I also remembered that before I became a mother I used to get this type of “assignment”, and they were always profound experiences.
I accepted.

What do I hope to gain or discover…
What’s next for me?
What will propel me to go higher/ deeper/broader into the world, my life, and my mission?
  You know, these kinds of “inconsequential” questions!

DETAILS: For the most part, there will be no conversation. The only exceptions are: 1) anything to do with my work; 2) necessary logistics; and 3) blogging my insights, when and if I have any to share. Other than this, there will be no outgoing or incoming conversations; no reading books; no listening music or audio recordings; no watching movies, TV or theatre; and no browsing the internet. In addition, I will be more conscious about what foods go into my body, and be even more deliberate about exercising by body. The point is to get QUIET, to BE with myself, to NOTICE what comes to me from within, and to LISTEN to that which guides me.

INVITATION: If you’d like to join in with your own version of this process/experiment, GREAT!  (Not that you or I need it, but there’s strength in numbers!) If you do, I invite you to share your ongoing insights here (below).

Feel free to post this to your FB page as an invitation to your circles.

I think that’s all there is to say at the moment.

***So 5-days and counting.*** If you have questions, reach out to me soon!

I invite you to follow my journey as it goes.  You can do that here: 30-Days of Silence.

All good to you now and always,