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Pebbles for Thoughts,Donna M Thomas,Mystic,Author
Pebbles for Thoughts,Donna M Thomas,Mystic,Author

Women’s Mastery Group

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Albert Einstein

Women Extraordinare!

Did you know that various studies have suggested that when a “problem” is posed to a small group of people of more than four and less than twenty the IQ or fluid intelligence of the solution arrived at can be up to 300 times the IQ of the member with the highest IQ in the group?  In other words, the saying that two heads are better than one applies in multiple within groups of this size, enabling its members to come up with greater solutions and broader perspectives. Stimulating environments increase IQ. The direct effect can initially seem small, but feedback loops can create large differences in IQ, and from my experience, EQ (emotional quotient, or emotional intelligence).

I have a very special invitation to you — 

Almost 40 years ago, I began my love affair with personal development. For the past 22 years, using all that I have learned from my explorations and the education I received, I’ve had the privilege of being an Empowerment Coach. In addition, for 12 years I have experienced the profound benefits that come from being a member of and leading Mastery Groups

What is a Mastery Group? It is a group of individuals committed to their own and each other’s individual Mastery (as in mastery, or domain, over their inner life and their outer life). 

It has become abundantly clear that for a variety of reasons, women often don’t feel the depth of support and encouragement they’d like.

Many women have told me they wish they could:

  • Feel more empowered in being a full-on woman (whatever that means to each).
  • Feel more sisterhood.
  • Have a place to talk from a feminine perspective about —
    • Gaining insight into the dance of the masculine and the feminine.
    • How to deepen the fulfillment they feel in their work.
    • Getting clear on what they desire most, and how to pursue it
    • Working through family and parenting issues.
    • Life transitions/challenges/disappointments: giving birth, death of a loved one, ending/starting a job, marriage/divorce, falling into/out of love, empty nest, aging, changing hormones, health issues, big losses around income/love, and so forth.
    • Navigating the myriad challenges that arise in various relationships.
    • Seeing who they are more clearly, unencumbered by the past or their fear.
    • Uncovering what creates discord when it occurs.
    • Pursuing their dreams.
    • Deepening their spiritual life within
    • Incorporating their spiritual life with the rest of their life.
    • Wanting to be more sexually expressive and free.
    • Creating more emotional intimacy with themselves and within their romantic relationship.
    • You know, what it is to live a conscious life of your choosing!


To answer the call, I’m creating a Women’s Mastery Group
that I will host.

Here are some details:

  • The group will consist of just four *committed* woman (plus me.)
  • These women have already done significant inner work on their own.
    • They are looking for a higher level of support. (Mastery Groups are not group therapy.)
  • These women have some degree of spiritual orientation
  • We will meet 2x per month, in 10-week intervals.
    • (This is the frequency my other Mastery Groups discovered worked best.)
    • I’m currently thinking of two Saturday mornings per month. But it could also be two evenings, or one of both. Once a group begins to form, we’ll figure out the days that work best for all.
  • We will meet for two hours each time.
  • We will meet in my glorious healing space in Santa Monica.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Respect and confidentiality.
  • All meetings will provide each person time to voice what’s occurring for them.
  • I will offer whatever is needed for each person — whether it’s insight, emotional support, nurturing, tools, processes, etc.
  • Other participants will be given the opportunity to offer their support as well.
    • You’ll be amazed by the power and insight that is cultivated by a group of individuals who are focused on the highest good of all!
  • Some meetings will consist of group process lead by me.
  • Once a quarter or so, I we will have a group Intuitive Reading, where each will have the opportunity to ask a couple of questions.
  • Cost: $80 per month. That’s just $40 per meeting! (My rate for private 1-hr. sessions is $150.)
    • Note: The introductory rate offered here is for this pilot group of participants only. To take advantage of this offer, your commitment to participate must be received by 10/13.

This group will start in mid/late October. So, shoot me an email with your interest.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

I SO look forward to seeing the configuration of women that are drawn to this group!

Love all around,


Donna M. Thomas
Mystic ~ Author
Personal Readings | Empowerment Coaching
Santa Monica, CA |
Author of From Pebbles to Pathways
Check out my YouTube channel for videos about my Readings.

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