As I enter into what is a particularly deeply meaningful birthday, I took my own advice:

Ask yourself, “Who am I, and What am I here to do?” Do this until you answer, with resonance and authenticity, Who you are meant to be, and What you are committed to do before you leave this world.  ∞ DT

I sat in my sunlit meditation space and earnestly asked these questions.  In a surprisingly short span of time, my answers came.

The answers were essentially the same as the last time I asked, with some subtle but meaningful changes.

After taking a few minutes to swim in the delicious juices of connection, clarity came around some choices I had been muddled and confused about for some time.  “Ah ha! Thank you.”  I said. Got it!”  Then came the feeling of invigoration, and the passion for my work was rejuvenated.

My birthday gift to you is to recommend that you, too, adopt this process periodically.

Revisiting why you’re here and recommitting to what you’re here for is a powerful practice!


All good to you!

Donna M Thomas
Intuitive Life Coach, Healing Conduit, Mastery Group Leader, Author

This blog, and all my writings, are explorations into the wondrous, deep, and ever-evolving process of living, loving and growing. My intention with Pebbles for Thought is to empower and uplift, one post at a time.