A new movie is spreading throughout the Law of Attraction crowd. It is called The Shadow Effect. It aptly shows, among other things, how one’s shadow can be one’s undoing. YES this is true, and YES one should be vigilant in acknowledging one’s shadow(s) and loving them into the light, and, there are two very important factors to note with regards to this work:

  1. One’s shadow is nothing more than one’s emotional Fear* and Pain being acted out.
  2. Given that fear is part of the human condition, most if not EVERY adult has at least one shadow, even those who appear to be “experts” and have consciousness.

You notice that I said most adults have shadows. For the most part, emotional fear is not inborn in humans, it is learned. Most parents will attest to the fact that their young children are fearless until they learn that there are things to be frightened of. They come into the world trusting that all is good and loving. In time though, many learn to distrust or disempower themselves, to fear their own power, to fear other’s power, or they learn to shame (themselves or others), to criticize (themselves or others), to hide out and deflect fear by focusing on others, or to hurt (themselves or others) to maintain a sense of self-preservation, all the likes of which foster fear in one’s self.

Remember, fearing to feel one’s fear, and fearing to be “exposed” is what keeps most fear in place, and not the fear itself.

If we know that most ALL humans feel emotional fear, and most ALL humans have shadows, it can be easier to give ourselves permission to deal with our  fear. It is my testimony that in our willingness to expose the brilliance as well as the fear that lives within us, in essence our humanity, the bridges and walls between us, and the shadows themselves more easily dissolve.

There are many ways of and books about releasing emotional fear and pain. I have written on a simple yet effective method of releasing fear that has helped many.

* To clarify, emotional fear, False Evidence Appearing Real, is the fear that stops or inhibits our pursuits of fulfillment and well-being, and not instinctual fear that enables us to protect ourselves from real harm.