This is a good video to explain the path of the Wounded Healer, published by Humanity International.

A few notes:

Although The Wounded Healer is a catchy title, the point that we can become wise and even healed from our past pain is a valid one. I would be cautious, however, in identifying oneself as being “wounded”, even if it’s associated with being a healer. Calling oneself wounded keeps one in bondage of woundation (creative word to convey my meaning). This being said, anyone who has done healing work knows that the path of healing is that…a path. It is ongoing, and occurs in layers. If one is on the path of self-awareness, he or she travels from having been wounded, to healing, to being a healer, which can take many forms. It is the natural course of things.

If one is in the healing arts, we would hope that they have healed enough on their own so that they are not at the affect of their past wounds. If one is not completely healed of their emotional wounds, in healing others, one must be clear on what are their own unhealed patterns and wounds (emotional pain). If they are not, it is inevitable that their issues and their clients’ will get entangled. Remember, we can only take others as far as we ourselves have traveled.

All this being said, if you are on a path of healing, or are a healer with a past, then I recommend watching this video.

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