Interview Me! Let’s Talk!

With Donna M Thomas:
Intuitive Life & Empowerment Coach, Emotional Freedom Specialist, Personal Mastery Group Leader

Every WEDNESDAY (for the time being) from 6-7pm PT!


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Hi there,

Just about every time I’ve done an interview, someone inevitably says to me, “Donna, I wish different questions were asked!”


Every Wednesday I’ll be hosting a call to answer YOUR questions.

WEDNESDAYS from 6-7pm PT!

My life work is empowering people to create the life they want.  To achieve this, one usually needs to look at what’s causing a disconnect, or look at what’s in the way between here and “there”.

As you ask your questions on the call, we’ll look at what might be going on underneath the surface.  From there I’ll offer an insight, and then suggest an action to take to get you moving in a powerful direction.

My life work is empowering you to release what binds you, so that you can create the life you’re aching to live.

As you explain your concerns/questions on the call, I intuit what the underlying issues are.  From there I’ll offer an insight, and then suggest an action to take to get you moving in a new and powerful direction.

To join the calls, press the CONTACT button to the right —-> Let me know you’d like to join in and I’ll send you the call in number and access code.


Answers to more questions you might have:

Why am I doing this?
Two reasons. Well three.

  1. I want to do something for those who’ve read my book and for those follow my posts on FB and my blog site.
  2. Working with people who are on the path of personal growth is my passion!
  3. I want to introduce new people to my work.


Do you have to interview me when you join the call?

  • Nope. Do whatever will most serve you.
  • If you simply want to absorb what others talk about. That’s fine!


What subjects can we ask about?
You can ask anything having to do with how to bring more fulfillment into life, including BUT NOT LIMITED TO:

  • How to cultivate: Inner Peace, Forgiveness, Emotional Healing, Trust, Love, (personal and relational) Intimacy, Joy, and Fulfillment
  • Explore what emotional fear is and how to get past it
  • Living a Spiritual life day to day
  • How to Heal the Past
  • Embracing your Sexuality
  • How to Improve Your Sex Life
  • How to Walk a Conscious Path
  • How to Deepen your Life and Love
  • Opening Yourself to opportunity and creativity

You can also check out my website that explains what I do:, and


Can’t make a call?

  • No worries, I’ll record each session then post them on FB.


How can you ask a question?

  1. The call will be set up conversation style. You can ask a question whenever there is space.
  2. Send me a message during the week and I’ll do my best to get to the question during the call. If not, I’ll save it for a future week.


Live out of the country?

  • No worries!
  • Use the link below to purchase Skype minutes. I believe it’s only 1¢ per minute to call a telephone number. If you don’t want to purchase minutes monthly, just click the “buy Skype credit” link.


To join the calls, press the CONTACT button to the right —->, and let me know you’d like to participate. 

I look forward to ‘seeing’ you on the calls!

All good to you,