“Get bold! Fall in love with the unknown.”  ∞ DT

Perspective #1 – A Limited Perspective


I have a post-it with this message on my computer. It speaks to the part of me that is at times hesitant about stepping outside my comfort zone. I truly thrive living at my growing edge, and, some days it is easier to do this than others!

Given that life is Maya (our own creation/illusion), the reality is that it’s always simply a shift in perspective that brings into view a new reality, however limited or expansive. Yes?

Just like these photos, if one opens one’s eyes or mind just a bit wider, there is whole new world of possibilities. Perhaps this person was afraid to take another step because it looked precarious. Then, they open themselves to a larger view. It was always there, just waiting for their realization of it. The cool thing about this is that with this understanding, there are no problems, only yet unrealized solutions.

The other cool thing is that this is limitless. The photo above shows us a perception, which is smaller than the one below, which is smaller than the scene the photographer actually saw, which is smaller than what actually was possible to see!

Perspective #2 – A More Expansive Perspective


I guess the next question is, how to press and live into these unlimited possibilities?!

Photo by Joshua Davis.

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