For those of you who would like to free yourselves from anger and resentment, begin by:

  • Cultivating compassion and empathy toward the person with whom you have the issue, including yourself!
  • Reminding yourself that everyone is always doing the best they can, otherwise they would do things differently. When “they” get to place where we know better, they will do better.
  • Then continue to press deeper. As you press deeper, you will see the fragility of all humans, including yourself. Everyone yearns to be loved. Everyone has fears. Everyone has pain. Everyone, and I mean everyone makes mistakes that they regret, whether they can admit it or not. With this realization, the ego begins to disengage and you feel your grip on anger, resentment and judgment loosen.

The deeper you can go in this practice, the freer you will feel.

You would be surprised at how many won’t actually go here. They can’t imagine taking ownership of their own feelings and experience, so they go and distract themselves by pointing the finger at someone or something else. But I know YOU can do it, because you are brave!

“It takes courage to practice compassion, and emotional intelligence to practice empathy.” ∞ DT

The release you can feel from this work will bring you to a profoundly peaceful place. And we could all use a bit more peace in our lives. Yes?

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