At a meeting I recently attended, someone said that their motto was to be Rich and Spiritual. After listening to them talk, my intuition told me that although this person was indeed both rich and spiritual, these were still separate within the person to some degree. This created an impulse to not altogether trust him/her – what they said and what they offered.

This got me to thinking, “Well then, what message is here for me?” Upon reflection I came to understand that it is not enough simply being rich and/or spiritual, it is to be Spiritually Rich as well as Rich Spiritually – not compromising either for the sake of the other.

One does not have to believe that they will be less rich because they are spiritual, or less spiritual because they are rich. There is art and grace in Integrating the two.

For those who feel that being less attached to wealth is more spiritual, allowing oneself to be rich is bringing one of the fundamental aspects of spiritually into existence – To accept the fullness that the universe has to offer. Look around you. There is wealth and fullness everywhere! Drink it in, dance in it, be grateful for it and share it with others!