This is one of my favorite quotes that my friends will often see in the signature of my emails: Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning, the devil says, “Aw crap, She’s up!

Be the kind of woman

Are you a force to be reckoned with, or do you think it’s another’s job to create the change you want to see in the world?

I guess I am of the famous Mikail Gorbachev mindset, “If not me, who? And if not now, when?” Ever since I can remember, the people who inspired me most were those who got out there and not just talked about change, but actually took action to create it, whether it was local or global.

Most who create great change start with small steps, then in time the steps got larger and larger and more prominent. Eventually, they accumulate a body of choices and actions that have measurable and visible results.

It all starts with a FIRST step in a direction. What inspires someone to get started can vary greatly, but one thing’s for sure, those who create big change have courage, spunk, commitment to something larger then themselves, and gumption!

Donna Thomas, Intuitive Life Coach
Author: From Pebbles to Pathways: A Journey of Healing the Heart One Insight at a Time

This blog, and all my writings, are explorations into the wondrous, deep, and ever-evolving process of living, loving and growing. My intention with Pebbles for Thought is to empower and uplift, one post at a time.