February 10 – 11

30-Days of Silence Days 25 – 26

I have been going through my office, organizing and tossing stuff to make space.  I was reflecting again on how much has come to me while being quiet.  Then I found this stack of paper, all sorts of shapes, colors and sizes of paper, from different moments and places.  Each of the sheets had all kinds of insights and deep thoughts.  Something occurred to me, I have insights coming to me all the time, but because I’m so busy all the time, I often just write them down and tuck them away to give more thought to later.  I wonder if other people do that?

I have a feeling that when it’s time for me to re-starting writing my next book that I’ll be looking at these notes again.  I also have a feeling it’s going to be somewhat soon.  I feel like I’m falling back in love with writing again.

After From Pebbles to Pathways was released, I stopped writing and blogging for the most part.  I needed a break.  When people ask me, “So Donna, when will your next book come out?  I want to see what happened next,” I say, “Soon.  I’m letting it rattle around in my head until I know what exactly I want to write,” which is true. But what is also the case is that somehow along the way I forgot that what’s inside me to say is important to say, and that someone might want to hear it.  Not that it’s more important than what others have to say.  But what it is, is unique — like one of many prisms of a crystal when light is shined on it.  Or maybe even like a snowflake — everyone of them is different and beautiful.  No one of them is more beautiful than the other.

If I (or anyone) has something deep to say or share with the world, it’s important that I (they) say honor that.   Fully expressing oneself is the essence of living life full-on, living large, and living a life of meaning.  If I were to cut myself off from allowing what’s meaningful to me from coming through, it just lays stagnant, or disappears.  How sad is that?!  That there is something that wants to exist, and because I don’t honor it, it doesn’t have a chance to.

Now I am cognizant of the fact that what is my reality and important to me may not be meaningful to someone.  Equally, my reality may be very meaningful to someone else.  I often tell my coaching clients, “You never know who you are effecting with your words and actions.  Like a pebble thrown out into a body of water.  The ripples of what you do and say spread out far beyond what you can see.”  If this is true, and it is, then it’s wise to know that what you do and say really do matter!

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Almost everything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said that to myself.  And I’m certain when he said that, he had no idea that a woman 68 years after his death would be saying it to herself when she needs a reminder.

All this is to say that being fully who I am is all I’ve got, and it’s good, and it’s enough.  And if this is the truth with me, which it is, then it’s the truth with everyone else.

The prism that we are can either shine fully, brilliantly, unapologetically, or not.  It’s up to us.  The shining, in and of itself, is the point.  That’s all we have control over.  All other thought (about how it’s received, does it matter,  etc.) is a waste of time and energy, and actually takes away from what we’re supposed to be doing!

I would be curious to see what would happen, how the world would be, if everyone knew that their thoughts, words and actions mattered, and that they honored what was meaningful to them.  And, if we could see how all our ripples flow together and add to the intricate mandala that is the Universe.