February 8 – 9

30-Days of Silence Days 23-24

I’m feeling more quiet…


In my readings, I am starting to be able to feel, with more confidence, when my mind steps aside and when the other presence steps in.  I was doing a reading yesterday, and I noticed that it didn’t feel quite as clear and…honest maybe… as it always does.  In my noticing, I didn’t feel completely locked in place with the energies flowing through.  So I stopped, went back to my meditation and realized that in fact I was only partially connected.  I gave myself another minute to get my brain out of the way and make room for the other presence.  As I did, I felt myself “lock in” and the love and words started pouring through.  This was very important for me to experience (and very cool!)


(She says in a sing-song voice.)  It seems some of the men I’ve dated are reading my posts!  I have one “silent date” with a brave man on Friday, and then a Valentine’s date on the 16th, so as not to ruin my 30-Day commitment (his insistence)!  How’s them apples?!  (And for those of you who’ve asked, no, neither of these dates is with “Uber Man”. Lol!)


I “got” this today.  Let’s see how it comes out.

When good things happen “good karma” is only part of the equation!

In my coaching practice I’ve sometimes heard of good or bad karma referred to like being on Santa’s Naughty or Nice lists.  And although there is definitely a karma element to what/how/and when things occur, an equal part of this is how “in alignment” we are with the flow of the Universe.

Here’s how I see it:

We all come into this life with our unique “stuff” to heal/clear (some or all of which is karmic related).  When we are grappling with our stuff, we often feel stagnant, that things aren’t our going way, or what we want is kept from us.  It’s not God who’s stopping us from having what we want, or that we’re being punished.  We’re blocking ourselves as a result of being out of the natural flow of the Universe, and often out of a feeling of undeservedness.

As we continually do deep, real work and start to heal/clear our stuff, we become more and more aligned with the natural flow and abundance of God/the Universe (i.e. we no longer fight against it).  It’s not that God is smiling more on us now, because he/she/it never stopped.  And it’s not that He is giving us a reward for being “good” or because we’re more deserving.  It’s that as we heal ourselves, we naturally become more aligned with the flow of the Universe.  As a result, things finally flow our way, or perhaps more accurately, we flow its way!

The moral of the story is: Trust yourself (this is me talking to me).  Trust God/the Universe.  Stay with the emotional/spiritual work.  You’ll know you’re on the right track when things are flowing.  Sometimes it’ll be a trickle, sometimes a stream.  One day, the floodgates will open and never stop flowing.

P.S. or is this a caveat…or the fine print…  Anyway, sometimes, even when we’re doing exactly what we need to be doing to heal/clear ourselves, things just go wonky and even badly.  Think if like this — you’ve got the right key, and it’s in the lock. You just have to jiggle a bit (or a lot) because the lock is rusty.  But if you keep at it, eventually it will open!