February 7

30-Days of Silence Day 22

Although things are calmer and quieter, there is still a lot of sound and activity going on.  Even though I have to work, I think this week I’m going to try and unplug more.


Today I checked in with my closest friend, of 43 years. She has a serious heart condition and I felt the tug to touch base with her.  She ended up asking me if I’m doing these readings for other people, why I haven’t yet done a reading about her health.  “It’s because I’m scared to hear what they have to say!” I answered.  She in all her hutzpah, said, “Whatever. I want to hear what they have to say.”  It was right about then I was wishing I hadn’t called her!  (Not really.)

These readings kick my butt.  It’s a constant process of opening myself up and clearing the way for something more intelligent to come through.  Doing a reading for someone I a) adore, and b) don’t want to hear anything “bad” about forced me to let go of control and to trust in a greater good.  And that’s just plain hard for me!

Even so, I went into meditation and eased myself open to a much more neutral place — the place where Maya (the illusion of duality) doesn’t exist.  Here, everything is so much more peaceful.  I can feel the interconnectedness in all things, and with that, there’s a lack of separation between me and…my friend, everything that surrounds me, Love, Spirit.  Here, my own thoughts and opinions about what I’m asking kind of evaporate.  It’s actually a relief.  To know that my thoughts aren’t the end all be all!

Anyway, I asked about my friend and I got nothing I thought I was going to get.  I was completely surprised by the information that came through.  She said it all felt correct to her.  In fact, much of it she had evidently already thought was the case, but was very glad to have it “confirmed”. Then there was more for her to take in and feel into.

The more of these readings I do, the more I love doing them.  To be able to be of service to people in this way is pretty amazing.  I just had the thought, I wonder where all this is going to go?  Ha!  There I go again!  How about I just enjoy the readings, and keep doing them one person, and one question at a time?  Great idea!


Oh, the other thing my friend said (making me think twice about calling her next time 😛 ) was, she thinks I should end my silence on February 14 so I can have a nice Valentine’s Day.  She says I’ve done enough silence.  She was pretty adamant about it, actually.  I told her I’d think about it.  If I did stop on February 14, I would have competed 28-Days of Silence.  That’s a whole other “cycle”.  Ha!


If I do what she suggests, I wouldn’t be finishing what I set out to do — 30-Days!  But I can see her point.  She wants me to feel happy and to have fun.  To be truthful, I don’t relish the thought of being in silence on Valentine’s Day.  So I have to think on the difference between 28 and 30 days, if there is any, other than it’s what I committed to do.

I told her, “I’m holding out for the brave man to ask me out on a silent date.” “How’s that working out for ya?” she asked.  “So far, crickets…but I have high hopes!”  She wasn’t amused.

I ended up appeasing her with this, “If someone propositions me with an offer I can’t refuse, I’ll consider it.”  :-}