January 4

30-Days of Silence Day 19

I’m thinking what it would be like to have a silent date with someone.  A man I had dated once before I went silent was taken aback when I suggested we try a couple of dates while I was in silence.

Personally, I think it would be fun to do!  I imagine most people would think they could do it with someone you know.  But what an interesting way it would be to start to get to know someone?  Of course one might have to use their voice to order dinner, but maybe pointing would work instead.  I must be weirder than I think, because it sounds like a fun adventure to me.  Kind of like getting to know someone well before having sex…only different!  Lol!!!!

Imagine, just looking at someone and feeling into them while your eating.  Walking together and taking in the sunset, or taking a hike.  Sitting on the beach and feeling the breeze and listening to the waves.  Hum, I wonder if my 30 days of (almost) Silence is starting to do funny things to my head, because I’d love to just feel into a moment…together…with someone.

I rather doubt any of the men I’ve dated recently are reading my blogs, so the likelihood of this happening during my silence is slim to none.  Interesting, I feel a bit of a tug at my heart writing that.  It’s fun to think about though!


I’ve been doing more “channeled” readings for people.  It appears that is what I’m doing, only I’m not in a trance.  It’s been suggested that I call myself a conscious channel.  That sounds right.  I go into meditation and feel a really strong and loving presence flow into me.  Then words and wisdom come through that isn’t coming from my brain.  I know this because (usually) I have no idea what is coming out of my mouth until the word forms and leaves my mouth.  Sometimes I hear a whole sentence or see a picture of what is being conveyed through me.  But usually it’s just a word at a time.

I am less and less fearful of not correctly hearing what is being said.  I know this because I’ve been very judicious about the process.  If it doesn’t feel correct, I stop and let myself kind of re-calibrate, so to speak.  This is happening less and less.

More and more friends and clients are sending in questions for me to answer.  It’s great practice.  I am very grateful to them.  When I first started, I could feel the information wanting to come, but I was so afraid of hearing wrong that I kept stopping myself.  During that time, my apartment was extra especially clean because I would do anything other than answer the questions waiting for me! LOL!!  (Back then I was doing the process only by myself and typing the answers into my computer. Now I do both verbal and written, depending on if my partner in this is around to ask the questions and record my answers.)

I’m going to have a small gathering around my birthday with some clients and friends who have experienced my coaching and/or energy work.  Because of this, they’re people with whom I feel safe stepping outside my usual comfort zone.  Although it’s scary to think about being in front of a group of people and “channeling”, I think it will be a really good experience.  I’m thinking of it as similar to the year I baked 150 dozen cookies when I had a side Christmas cookie business.  After that, baking 10 dozen cookies is nothing!  Kinda like that.  :-}

I’m also interested to see if people can feel any of the energy I feel while in the process.  It’s SO loving.  If the people coming can feel even a fraction of what I’m feeling, then I think they’ll be happy they came!