February 3

30-Days of Silence Day 18

I’m glad I don’t have any much “outside” work until after February 16.  Other than my regular coaching clients (who come to see me or call) and choir rehearsal, I have just one meeting with a marketing client downtown that will take me outside my silence and out into the world for a several hours.

I’m welcoming the idea of creating a cocoon around me (to decrease the odds of outside stimulus) for the next two weeks.


This thought came to me in meditation today:

We live out our own personal drama/comedy/tragedy/adventure stories.  Along our journeys, we and our stories bump into each other, crash into each other, embrace each other, or bow to each other.

I do my best these days to embrace, to bow, to love.  There’s such honoring there.  For me, it’s about understanding that we each have our own path and our own timing to wake up, tune in, and open up.

The thing that can pull me out of this more than anything is getting my feelings hurt.  I’m very tuned in and sensitive…which makes me good at the work I do.  It doesn’t mean it’s not challenging to live with though!  The good thing is that once I work through whatever hurt I feel and get on the other side of it (usually by being willing to get the other person’s point of view), I’m good.  This is where the understanding of the human condition and my connection with Spirit plays a big role.