A Special Gift For You!


Here’s a gift from Donna for those of you who’ve not yet experienced her work. Book your first session during the month of February (use it any time in 2017), and:

• receive $25 off her usual rate of $75 for a 30-min. (phone) Personal Reading or Coaching session.
You pay just $50!

• receive $50 off her usual rate of $150 for a 1-hr. (in person or phone) Personal Reading or Coaching session.
You pay just $100!

• receive $75 off her usual rate of $225 for a 1-1/2 hr. (in person or phone) Personal Reading and Coaching session.
You pay just $150!


To find out more about Donna’s work:

  • Mystic Personal Readings, click here
  • Empowerment Coaching, click here

To see Testimonials for Donna’s work, click here.

To book a session, click here.


A Special Gift For You!



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